Management Committee Meetings 

The DAS VC DART Management Committee meets monthly.  The next meeting will be on Thursday, August 22, at 6:30 p.m.  
All meetings are open.  Contact us for the location if you wish to attend.     

DAS VC DART Training Exercises  

Sat. - Sept. 28
Sun. - Oct 27
Sat. - Nov. 23
No formal training event - make your evacuation plan to discuss in October
Horse Handling, Trailer Loading and Unloading
Livestock Handling
Technical Rescue 
Personal training activity
8:30 - 12:00 - To be announced
To be announced
To be announced 

Events and other Training Opportunities

Vista Palomar Riders:  Disaster Planning for Horse Owners
SDG&E Wildfire Mitigation & Resiliency Fair
DAS & VC DART will be at the Dog Show
VCFPD Fire Safety Expo    

DAS VC DART News & Announcements 

Come to a VC DART training or event:  All of our meetings, training and events are open to anyone who is interested.  You may not be able to participate in hands-on exercises, but you are welcome to come and meet our members, observe what we do, and learn about our organization.  You may even be moved to join us!
Heavy winter rains and a mild spring brought greenery and wildflowers, but summer is here and abundant growth is fast turning to fuel. Defensible space can mean the difference between safety or tragedy.  It is more important than ever to limb up trees, clear debris, and control brush around your home and property.  Review your family disaster plan.  Know your escape routes, refresh supplies in your go-kit, plan where you may go.  Include plans and supplies for your pets and livestock.  
Click here for the entire 2019 DAS VC DART Event Calendar.
P.O. Box 864
Valley Center, CA  92082
Sat. - Aug. 3
Sat. - Aug 10
Sat/Sun - Aug 31-Sep. 1
Sat. - Oct 5
8:30 - 12:30 - 973 Little Gopher Cyn, Vista
10:00 - 2:00 - VC Middle School
10:00 - 3:00 - Bates Nut Farm, VC
10:00 - 4:00 - Bates Nut Farm, VC